stiffens, stiffening, stiffened
1) VERB If you stiffen, you stop moving and stand or sit with muscles that are suddenly tense, for example because you feel afraid or angry.

Ada stiffened at the sound of his voice...

The father's face stiffened with dismay.

2) V-ERG If your muscles or joints stiffen, or if something stiffens them, they become difficult to bend or move.

The blood supply to the skin is reduced when muscles stiffen. [Also V n]

Stiffen up means the same as stiffen.

V P n (not pron) These clothes restrict your freedom of movement and stiffen up the whole body... Also V n P, V P `I just stiffened up, and the more they told me to `be natural', the more I felt not at all relaxed.

3) V-ERG If attitudes or behaviour stiffen, or if something stiffens them, they become stronger or more severe, and less likely to be changed.

Russian resistance suddenly stiffened because there was no room for retreat...

[V n] Canada has recently stiffened its immigration rules.

4) VERB: usu passive If something such as cloth is stiffened, it is made firm so that it does not bend easily.

[be V-ed] This special paper was actually thin, soft Sugiwara paper that had been stiffened with a kind of paste...

[V-ed] They peeled cold stiffened gloves from their hands.

Phrasal Verbs:

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